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Welcome to Orangutans



This half term we will be building on our Geometry from Autumn 1. We will then be focusing on adding and subtracting measures.


At Home

Try to practise your times tables and their corresponding division facts to help you speed up!



This half term we will be studying the book "Deadman's Cove". 


Reading - remember you need your Accelerated Reader book in school everyday. Read as much as possible so you can get 100% in your next quiz. We are also aiming to get the Quiz Master award in Friday celebration assemblies.


How close are you to joining the Millionaires club?



Each Monday reading journals are checked. Children are given DEAR time daily to read in school and reading at home will help them to complete quizzes at school.


'A Civilised Bunch'

Were ancient civilisations civilised? How have they added to our civilisation? We will considering these questions and more this term in our fantastic topic about ancient civilisations.


A few reminders: Maths homework is set on Mondays and due back on Thursdays.

English homework is set on Thursday and due back on Monday.


Remember we will always aim to achieve an award on a Friday assembly: Attendance, golden coat peg, eco and friendship.