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SO51 Our Ace Place


Our Science topic this term is all about magnets.

We will be exploring forces and polarity and looking at what type of material is magnetic using language such as repel and attract.

We plan to look at different strengths of magnets and carry out some investigations to explore possibilities of magnetic use.


Marvellous Magical Me


We started our Science topic by trying to piece together skeleton jigsaws, and found that it was harder than it looked!

We then looked at identifying and naming some of the bones in the human skeleton as well as naming and locating the 3 different types of joint.

Our topic moved onto exploring different types of skeleton; endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton, and sorting which type various animals and insects have.

We have looked at planning and carrying out a fair investigation around arm length and distance of throw or leg length and distance of jump.

As part of our homework we have researched and designed a healthy eating lunchbox.

We finished our Science topic by exploring how our muscles interact with our skeletons to help us move and made our own working arm models!