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Year 4 Camp

When it's time for year 4 camp, we know that the end of the school year is almost here.  Camp offers children the opportunity to take part in a safe, fun overnight stay within recognisable surroundings.  It is a time when staff across the school see children in a completely different way.  Children may amaze us with their tent building skills, demonstrate to us a wonderful, hidden talent or simply show us an entirely different side to their personality.


Camp promotes collaboration as well as independence, the opportunity to overcome challenge and of course a restful night's sleep!


We encourage all children to take part in year 4 camp.  It is an activity that brings together the whole year group and naturally we want all children from each class to pay a part in an activity which will generate many memories.  For some children camp is about never having camped before. For others its a way to cement friendships or to simply learn what they are capable of.  Most of all year 4 camp, for all children, is about a fun, positive experience with which to bring to a close their time in year 4.