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Welcome to Capuchins with Miss Allen and Mrs Ruddick-Smith (whilst Mrs Evans is on maternity leave)


Hello you wonderful lot.smiley

Miss Allen and I, are really proud of all the hard work you have been sending us. It is fabulous to see that so many of you have been enjoying your hours exercise or getting out in your gardens. Miss Allen often walks past my house, while she is exercising and from across the road, we have a quick catch up. laugh


Keep up all the great work, just a couple of reminders.

  • Log into your accelerated reading account, using the button on the home screen of the school website.
  • Complete a Sound check on times table rockstar. Then I have challenged all of you to a r 'ROCK SLAM'. Lets rock out! 
  • Email us and let us know how you are doing and what you have been up to.
  • Play, colour, create, sing, dance, tidy-up, be helpful, wash your hands.


We are looking forward to catching up with you (through email) soon.