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English Homework

Due in 17/06

Due in 6th May

Week 4 English Homework

Due in 11th February 2019


Learning Objective:

LO: use collaboration to learn spellings

Date Set:


Due in:



This week in spelling we have been looking at the spellings, and meanings, of some homophones.


For example; aloud and allowed; steel and steal; led and lead; assent and ascent; and by, buy and bye.


Your child has come home with at least one spelling game for you to try together at home. We have more on our website which you are welcome to copy or download.


EXT: include spellings from the list of statutory words on our website that you have already learnt this term but need more practise on.

Please complete:


With support if necessary

As a shared activity

Signed by parent / carer:




Any Comments:





This week's homework is to read and practise your spellings.

Due in 14/12

Here is a picture of a cam toy similar to ones that we are making. For your homework, we would like you to design and make your character on top (in the picture this is the whale). This can be made out of card, paper or another suitable material. Please remember not to make it too heavy or it may topple your toy! If you can't do this at home or would rather do it at school, please let your teacher know as soon as possible.

Picture 1

Due in 26/11/18


This week, we would like the children to prepare to teach someone a skill they know. We will use their work in our PSHE lesson.

Topic homework due in 08/10/18

Project homework due in 01/10/18

Due in 17/09/2018