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End of year expectations Year 3

Léon le caméléon - can you design and label your own? Entries to Madame Bolton by Wednesday 5th December. Use this template if you like, or make your own.

Braingym - test your knowledge of colours in French and improve confidence!

Le défi des couleurs - can you read this page of colours in under 30 seconds? Prove it to Madame Bolton to earn some house points!

La table des 2. Can you learn the x2 table by heart? Say it to Mme Bolton and earn 15 housepoints!

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans une trousse? Here are the items in a pencil case for you to practise at home.

Ma Trousse - play this OXO game to revise the vocabulary for pencil case items.

Braingym - say what you see, not what the word says!