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Les tables de multiplication - you know them in English, but can you try them in French? Listen along...

Here's a poem for you to try... Click on the icon to hear how to pronounce the words, then try on your own!

Well done to Jake (and Emma) for this brilliant French work - look out for your certificate!

They have also made this amazing 'calendrier français' - does it look familiar?

Don't forget that you can still check out work from last term if you didn't get chance to try everything.

Enjoy learning numbers to 20 with the crazy character Foufou! 

Some new learning.

Use this lesson to learn some new language as well as to practise some things you already know.  Don't try to do everything at once - there is too much.  Take your time to make sure you understand and have fun a little at a time.  I hope you enjoy making the 'cocotte en papier'.  I'd love to see what you can do - maybe you could send it to me via your class teacher (illustrated would be brilliant!) 

Here is the link: 

Get creative! Here are some examples of 2 line poems - I look forward to seeing yours...

Fun with numbers - enjoy practising numbers with this song as you make your 'cocotte en papier'...

Some more work on colours - it would be really great to put your rainbow in the window at home!