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End of year expectations

Quel temps fait-il?

We have been learning about the weather in French with a view to creating and performing our own weather forecast.  Have a go at some of these activities to practise what you know...

Quel temps fait-il, Berthe?

We have had lots of fun with this story book.  Try the quiz on this link:


Quel temps fait-il Berthe? quiz - can you remember enough to answer these questions?

A Pau il fait beau. Can you learn this rhyming weather poem by heart? There are house points (and maybe even prizes) if you can...

Year 4 Workbook. Have a go...

La table des 3. Can you learn this by heart? Say it aloud to Mme Bolton and earn aome house points!

Le défi des couleurs - can you read this page of colours in under 30 seconds? Prove it to Madame Bolton to earn some house points!

Un poème - Long, long, long. Can you learn this by heart to say to Madame Bolton...?

Scène de plage - the Degas painting we are using as our starting point.