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Friday 15th

Take a look at the colourful flowers growing in Cassie's garden!🌷🌹🌼

Seaside visits and perfume designing. Looks like lots of fun Reuben.

Nathan has been working hard and practising for his Karate belt grading. Good luck Nathan :)

A great detailed description and observing cheetah cubs on a zoo webcam.

Ever wondered what the Latin name is for plants/flowers. Lydia's PP can tell you about some of them.

A rabbit obstacle course and passing her Silver times tables. Well done Lydia.

Have you read 'The Minight Gang'? Read Leila's informative and brilliant poster about all the characters to find out more.

As well as doing school work, Oskar is enjoying working at the allotment, long distance skating and he's even released his own butterflies!🦋🦋