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Hall of Fame

Fantastique, Charlie et Ava!  I'm really thrilled to see the photos of your day.  Here's your certificate from me (Madame Bolton).  Check out the year 3 one too, Ava.

Bravo Emily - du super travail indépendant! Voici ton certificat

Encore du travail de Will - 20 mai 2020

Check out Will's work - bon effort, jeune homme! Certificate on its way...

Super travail, Isabelle! Here's her 2 line poem...

Fantastique! Callum has worked really hard on the activity booklet, well done.

Alastair has found out lots of new language - here's his list! Super travail, monsieur!

Bravo, Emma (and Jake) on your amazing French work!

Un calendrier français - super
Fabuleux - just like mine!
Beaucoup de bon travail ici!
It's always good to revise vocabulary...

Très joli travail, Lucy - I hope it's in your window?