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We will be studying a variety of topics in Maths!

We will be studying a variety of topics in Maths! 1

The Struggle To Survive


Our History topic and English work this half term is all about The Victorians.  We will be finding out what it was like for the rich and poor during this time, with a specific focus upon Victorian children.  We will be looking at the impact of the era on Romsey and the impact of the industrial revolution on the whole country.

  Later, we will be looking at the works of Charles Dickens in more detail.


Guided Reading

Our new guided reading book is

Street Child By Berlie Doherty





What predictions can you make about the book from the cover and blurb?


In Science, we will be developing our understanding of electricity. 

We will investigate the effect of changing different components within circuits and learn the symbols for these components.

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