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Welcome to Jaguar's class page!

Class Teacher-Mrs Reilly



Hi Jaguars.


I hope you all had a great weekend. This week's topic is all around the theme of sport and I hope you like the activities on the grid.

Please ask your parents to check their email as there is a message from which requires a response by Thursday.


 Please keep sending me photos and videos of what you have been doing, it is a great way for all of us to see what each other is up to in the absence of being together. Don't forget to let me know when you send anything if you want it to go up on the class pages.


If you are unable to print anything out or if you need anything else, please let me know.



Hope you have a great week, stay safe and keep in touch.


Mrs Reilly



Here are some photos of the brilliant things you have all been getting up to at home.

Abbie has been busy this week doing so many creative things! Hope you like her photos showing some of the things she got up to.

Thomas has also worked really hard on this informative leaflet on saving rhinos. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Thomas was very creative in his up-cycling task last week, making his own face mask!

Oliver has been working hard on his drawing of Yoda.

Camron has been busy teaching his dog new tricks as well as learning how to drive a digger!

Betsy has made this brilliant poster about why we should buy ugly veg.Hope you agree with the points she makes!

Lillymai has created this lovey colourful fruit and veg persuasive poster.

Will has created this brilliant poster about protecting tigers. It is really informative and powerful to read so well done.

Aiden has worked really hard to create this poster to celebrate VE day.

Paige has been really busy creating these lovely Pokemon drawings-well done!

Ed has been very busy this week with our VE Day work including making a gas mask and making an air raid shelter under the stairs.

Oli has created this VE poster.It is really lovely -well done.

Will has found fractions around the house using an apple-I love this video!

Still image for this video

Lillymai has created this informative powerpoint on VE Day.

Thomas has been doing lots of baking for his maths and topic work -they look delicious!

Lily has been busy helping her sister celebrate her birthday by helping bake this amazing looking cake-it looks delicious!


Still image for this video
Oli has written and recorded this brilliant poem about food. I love it!

Oli has been very busy baking for his maths work on ratio. They look delicious! He has also done a very creative portrait inspired by the work of Giuesppe Arcimboldo.

Ruby has written a balance arguement on whether we should or shouldn't have school uniform. It is well thought out and considered and she makes some great points-well don Ruby.

Betsy took on the challeng of writing a rap linked to her favourite food-curry.I love it!

Alex hoover board

Still image for this video
Alex has also been perfecting how to use his new hover board-it looks brilliant fun!

Alex has been really busy baking this delicious looking cake with his brother and sister to fit in with our maths ratio work.

Ashley has been busy playing Triominos with her Dad, hopefully I can challenge her to a game when we are all back in class.

Lillymai has been really busy creating Mocktails for her maths ratio work-they look delicious and perfect for drinking in the sunshine! She also created her fruit face sculpture in reponse to the work of Giuesppe Arcimboldo.

Billy has not only made flapjacks for this maths ratio work but also banana cake. He has also planned out his 3 course meal-sounds delicious!

For her ratio work this week , Abbie has made these delicious looking flapjacks. I hope they taste as good as they look.

Lily has worked really hard this week to create a powerpoint on how children were evacuated during WW2. It is not only imformative but thoughtful-well done!

Tilly has been very busy this week. She has not only created her art sculpture based on the work of Gieuseppe Acimboldo but also made her Dad a birthday cake.

Ruby has just finished reading the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy and this is her review! It is one of my favourite books so would definitely recommend it too!

 I have finished reading the worst witch and I love it.  It is an adventurous book and always has a happy ending. My favourite character in the book I have read is Maud, she is really sweet and kind. She doesn't ever question what Mildred is doing, she just supports her


For one of Will's reading activities this week he has done a book cover for the latest Harry Potter book he has read. I think it looks brilliant!

Paige has done this beautiful picture of a Scarlet Macaw. I love how colourful it is!

Billy has done a book review of one of his favourite books "Holes", as well as doing some sketching.I love your detailed observations of the fowers.

Oli has been using his observation skills to do this sketch using lots of shade and tone. Well done Oli!

Billy has been creating this brilliant rainbow path for people to look at as they go past his house and hopefully put a smile on their faces. It looks amazing !

Oli has created a really imaginative board game for his maths this week. I am looking foward to playing it soon!

Lily has been getting creative at home making a beautiful dream catcher and doing tie-dye. It all looks amazing!

Will has getting creative drawing his favourite characters from Fornite. They look very realistic!

Ruby has had brilliant fun making her maths game. She has also created these absolutely beautiful pictures!

Tazmeen has been incredibly busy making these amazing pictures!

Tazmeen also wrote this wonderful animal acrostic poem to fit with our topic this week.

Alex has been really busy making this wonderful bird box for his garden. I can't wait tot see who ends up nesting there!

Thomas has been really busy not only starting to make his maths board game but also building a nesting box for his garden.

Abbie has been really creative making this amazing board game.

We will be studying a variety of topics in Maths!



World War 2




Our History topic and English work this half term is all about World War 2.  We will be finding out how and why the war began as well as thinking about how the nation helped, especially if they were not on the front line. 


We will use empathy to think about what it might have been like for a child to be evacuated.

We will be watching "Good night Mr Tom" to inspire our writing.


Guided Reading

Our new guided reading book is

Scarper Jack and the Bloodstained Room

by Christopher Russell


'I heard a murder being planned.'

Scarper Jack is a chimney-sweep's boy and he's actually in a chimney when he hears two voices planning a murder. He knows where and when it's going to happen – but there's no way he can stop it.

With the help of two unexpected friends – a posh boy and a sewer rat of a girl – he sets out to solve the mystery and track down the murderer.

Only to find that it can be dangerous to know

too much . . .


What predictions can you make about the book from the cover and blurb?


In Science, we will be developing our understanding of electricity. 

We will investigate the effect of changing different components within circuits and learn the symbols for these components.