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Les tables de multiplication - you know them, but can you perfect them in French!

Upper School workbook. Some familiar (and unfamiliar) things to try. The recordings for this are available too.

This presentation contains language to help with the booklet.

These are the recordings you will need to complete some of the pages.

Sequence Poem

Use this lesson to produce a poem.  It has lots of information, some of which you will know, some you won't.  All of it will be helpful.  Don't try to do everything at once - there is too much.  Take your time to make sure you understand and have fun a little at a time.   I'd love to see what you can do - you could send it to me via your class teacher (illustrated would be brilliant!) 

Here is the link:

Les Dizaines - keep your number knowledge ticking over with this clip.  There's the added bonus of some alphabet too... 

Here is a story for you to enjoy - you may already know the English version, so why not try repeating along!