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Our topic for this half term is called "Palmerston Street" and is all about Victorian Romsey. 


We will be comparing life as a rich Victorian and life in the Workhouse. Our specific focus will be on the life of children both in Romsey and in London, during this era. We will consider whether it would be better to live in a workhouse or out on the streets. In addition, we will look at the census for Romsey to understand more about Victorian life locally. We will also find out key facts about how Dr Barnados started his charity. Finally we will end the topic by answering our over arching question to the topic,  “What impact did the Victorians have on Romsey?”

Complete this I Spy booklet as you walk around Romsey. What evidence of the Victorian era can you identify?

We will be studying a range of topics in Maths!

This year I look forward to seeing all those growth mindsets in action. At times our learning may be tricky but by being positive and working hard, we will all be successful. I look forward to celebrating all your successes with you.

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