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Maths Homework

Due in 17/06

Due in 11th February 2019


Learning Objective:

LO: use perseverance to practise times tables

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In school we have been practising our times tables on TT Rockstars. All children in Year 5 are currently involved in a ‘battle’ between Year 5 boys and Year 5 girls.


We would like you to play TT Rockstars for your homework this week. It is important for you to have a baseline score to see how much you are improving. Therefore we would like you to play at least 10 games in ‘studio’. You will be able to see your place on the school leader board.


We have given each child the opportunity to take home a paper version of TT Rockstars if they are unable to play on a tablet or computer. These can also be downloaded from our website.


TT Rockstars can be accessed via the website only and not the app.

Please complete:


With support if necessary

As a shared activity

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This week's homework is to practise your times tables.

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