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Tadpole Diaries

A few years ago my son and Mr Gibbs built a pond and introduced some goldfish and koi carp to it. As I enjoy gardening, I bought some water loving plants to go round the edge of the pond and hoped to encourage some wildlife to settle there. We were very exited to find a frog had taken up residence over the last few years and for the first time this year we found frogspawn in the pond. This hatched into tiny tadpoles, which were hiding in the pots of some of my plants. As the fish would eat the tadpoles, my son decided to set up a spare aquarium indoors to look after them, until they become frogs and can be returned back to the pond. If you're interested in following the development of the tadpoles have a look at the photo diary below! (I hope I don't end up with frogs all over my house!!!) 

9/5/20 - The froglets are released back into our pond to hopefully continue growing and developing in the wild. They seem quite happy tucked in amongst the pond plants, apart from this chap in the video who decided to have a swim! Goodbye froglets, it's been a fascinating pleasure watching you grow and change!

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9/5/20 - Release day! Catching the froglets was a tricky task - I'm glad my son was helping! We also had the 'fun' of a face full of flies when we took the lid off the aquarium (yuk!), but it was all worth it when we saw these little guys looking ready to explore the big outdoors!

8/5/20 - Looking keen to get moving!

7/5/20 - Tadpoles and froglets

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7/5/20 - Froglets making use of the stone area! They mostly like to hide under the edges of the rocks with just their heads poking out - there's definitely as bit of jostling for the best spots!

06/05/20 - As the froglets now need air to breath we have lowered the water level and provided more stone areas for them to be able to climb out. There are lots of tiny flies that have hatched from larvae that was in the pond water too - these are a good food source for the froglets (but Mrs Gibbs isn't that happy with them in her house!)

06/05/20 - First Froglet! Can you see how small its tail is?

06/05/20 - More arms spotted!

5/5/20 - An arm spotted this morning! Look at the differences between the two tadpoles in the first picture, what can you see? They seem to be much stiller in the tank at the moment and have stopped their habit of hanging from the surface of the water! I'm an anxious 'mother'!


I spent a bit of time reading about tadpoles last night after spotting the first arm! It's amazing what changes go on in their lifecycle! They are currently undergoing a process called metamorphosis which basically means 'changing' and takes approximately 3 months. My tadpoles are well on their way through this process as most of them have back legs and the first front legs have been spotted! They also change from being herbivores (eating only vegetable matter) to carnivores (meat eaters) and so their digestive system also has to adapt! Once their front legs have appeared, they will reduce feeding as they start to reabsorb their tail and get their energy (protein) from that! Their respiratory system (how they breath) also changes; they start off with gills, and so get their oxygen from the water, but as they develop they start to use their lungs and breath air. With this in mind, Tom is going to do a water change today and reduce the level of the water in the aquarium so that more stone is poking out of the water, giving the tadpoles a place to come out of the water to breath when they need to. I'll keep you posted!

3/4/20 - Excitement in the house - first arm spotted! We have a froglet!

1/5/20 - Spot the changing shape of the tadpole's legs and see how it swims up and then just floats back down! Can you spot the classic frog leg kick it does as it nearly reaches the bottom? First time I've seen that!

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Tadpole feeding frenzy! We're feeding them fish algae wafers (which they leave to go soggy before eating them) and the soft inner parts of cucumbers. They also eat naturally formed algae from the surfaces in the tank.

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29/4/20 - Tadpoles resting late in the evening

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29/4/20 - Nighttime with the tadpoles - they seem to rest on the floor or by hanging just underneath the surface of the water!

29/4/20 - Lots of legs and changing shape!!

25/4/20 First tiny back legs spotted on some of them!

Little legs!
Chilling out!

20/4/20 - Tadpole pile up!

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Tadpoles enjoying each other's company!

20/4/20 - Startled Tadpoles

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Look how quickly they move if there is a bang on the floor - the vibrations travel through the floor, up the table leg and into the water, through the glass, startling the tadpoles!

20/4/20 - Tadpoles

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Watch how the tadpoles swim up and then drop back down to save energy!

14/4/20 Starting to grow and increase in size!

13/4/20 Early tadpoles

11/4/20 - The tadpoles' new home! It has been set up with pond water which is being aerated by a pump and has some pond plants and stones to encourage algae growth for a food supply. (We are also feeding them algae wafers)

4/4/20 - The tiny tadpoles found in the pond