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Orangutans, you have been amazing! This last week, you have dealt so well with a very different situation. If we were at school, I would give you 20 pom poms! 

For the immediate future, this is how I will communicate with you. I will let you know when/if this changes.


Remember to get up as normal everyday and start some work at 9am. Everyday you must try to: get out each day (as long as you are allowed), take part in a physical activity, dance or sing, read a book, play TT Rockstars and do a fun activity with the people in your household!


Writing a diary would be a fantastic thing to do. We are living through an extraordinary time and you are the people who are best placed to record it. When we get back to school, I would love to see any that you have written - or keep them private for yourselves.


We  currently have a battle in TT Rockstars against Capuchins...I will be watching how we perform! 


Each week, during carousel time (Fridays 11.30-12.15) I thought we could have our own carousel on TT Rockstars. Perhaps, if we all log in at the same time then we will see each other in battles on Arena?


Some of you may have read A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan (it's in our classroom). Whether you have or not, Helena Duggan is recording herself reading the whole book during school shut down. I would really recommend you listen to it here. If we all mange to listen to it we can do some work on the book virtually!


Keep reading - it's more important now then ever before (see my list of recommended books below). Quiz on any books you have read and I really look forward to seeing any book reviews and recommendations you make. I will recommend books to you too, as I will be reading.


Lastly, I have another suggestion for you. Everyone in the country is seeing fewer people and spending longer at home. Why don't you try and write a letter each day to someone who you are not able to see? You could even write to each other. I love to receive letters; I know your grandparents, aunts and uncles would love it too.


Keep smiling Orangutans smiley,

from Mrs Ferguson

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