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Well done Orangutans!



What a fun-filled, busy second autumn half term we have had! We have completed The Light Jar, started reading Shackleton's Journey, completed a persuasive speech on overseas aid, written instructions on surviving a mountain rescue and we are now writing a story. And that was just English! We have learnt about fractions, decimals and percentages and can now convert between the three. We have continued with Boomwhackers and completed a Batik art work on a natural feature. In science we have been looking at materials throughout the autumn term. We have dissolved materials, separated materials, used chromatography to split colours, tested for thermal insulation, looked at irreversible changes and this week we are solving a mystery using fingerprints!


Fabulous Finish - Thursday 19th December at 2.40pm where you'll be able to see our batik artwork and hear our boomwhackers!




Remember: Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays but please make sure that your PE kit is in school every day.






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