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Hi Panthers!

Please keep looking at our class page, as well as the Year 6 Home Learning page, so I can keep you updated with your home learning tasks. Make sure you keep active in your home or garden, as well as keeping on top of your learning. I hope you also use your afternoons for some creative and fun projects too! Try and read some books as well. You can now quiz at home (see the Accelerated Reader section on the class pages tab) so I will be looking out for those 100% scores.

Keep up the super work and positive attitude Panthers,

From Mrs Havelock

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World War 2



Our History topic and English work this half term is all about World War 2.  We will be finding out how and why the war began as well as thinking about how the nation helped, especially if they were not on the front line. 


We will use empathy to think about what it might have been like for a child to be evacuated.

We will be watching "Good night Mr Tom" to inspire our writing.




We will be studying a variety of topics in Maths!

We will be studying a variety of topics in Maths! 1

Guided Reading

Our new guided reading book is

Scarper Jack and the Bloodstained Room

by Christopher Russell


'I heard a murder being planned.'

Scarper Jack is a chimney-sweep's boy and he's actually in a chimney when he hears two voices planning a murder. He knows where and when it's going to happen – but there's no way he can stop it.

With the help of two unexpected friends – a posh boy and a sewer rat of a girl – he sets out to solve the mystery and track down the murderer.

Only to find that it can be dangerous to know

too much . . .


What predictions can you make about the book from the cover and blurb?


In Science, we will be developing our understanding of electricity. 

We will investigate the effect of changing different components within circuits and learn the symbols for these components.

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