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Below, you will find some reading activities that we suggest you complete in your 'school' time each week. Even more importantly however, is that you travel (with your imagination) to other worlds so please read as many books as you can.


Here are some suggestions to keep you reading:

  • Visit Romsey library - it is currently still open.
  • Borrowbox is a free app that enables you to borrow ebooks from your local library for free. You do need a tablet or phone to do this and your Romsey library borrower number.
  • Many authors are reading their books on You Tube during school closure. For example: Kids Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen  and Vashti Hardi will be reading Darkwhispers, the sequel to Brightstorm, on the Scholastic UK channels soon. Andy Stanton will be reading Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire on YouTube and Frank Cottrell-Boyce will be reading The Astounding Broccoli Boy on his Instagram feed. We will update you with links as we hear about them.
  • Listen to great books on audible (currently free at the time of writing). Great family books are available so you can all listen together.

Remember, you can now quiz at home so your teacher will be able to see what you have read. 

Keep reading!