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This half-term, the children will be using their 'Shake rattle and roll' books and the statutory year 5/6 spelling words to create their own spelling lists to practise each week.



Week Beginning 4th February 2019

This week we are concentrating on learning some homophones. We have been looking at different games that we could play to help us learn these spellings and their different meanings. Some of your spellings this week are:

allowed                  assent

aloud                     ascent

steel                      bridal

steal                      bridle





This week, we are building on our strategy of spelling ible and able suffixes to apply if we should use 'ibly' or 'ably'

our spellings this week are:








Last week, we have tested on the statutory words from the Autumn term.

Your child will have picked some that they need to revise.


Previously , our spelling rule was unusual graphemes this is where unusual letters form a sound.

Our words are:

bruise, yacht, immediately, vehicle and guarantee.

Our statutory spellings are:

ancient, foreign and relevant.


Previously, our spelling rule is using apostrophes for possession.

Your child will have picked 5 words using an apostrophe that will be useful in our topic for example The Egyptian's tomb.

Our statutory spellings are physical and immediate.




Autumn 2

Your child has identified words that they have struggled to spell in their work.

They will practise these this week.

In addition, our statutory spellings are:

government, cemetery and sacrifice.



last week, we are exploring words through word mapping.

Telephone , Graph, Autograph, Automatic, Automaton, Microphone, Headphone, Microwave, Microscope, Signature and Sign.


Previously, each child has a personalised spelling list that they have generated through looking at mistakes in their reading and English books. These are recorded in their red home learning journals to practise.

In addition to this, our 3 statutory spellings are:

professional, amateur and system.



Previously, our spelling rule is hyphenated words.

Specifically we are looking at adding prefixes and deciding whether they need a - or not.

if a letter is repeated like in co-ordinate it needs a hyphen.

Our statutory words are:

opportunity, disastrous and desperate




Previously, our spelling rule is when to use an apostrophe

for example in contractions: cannot = can't, does not = doesn't

and when showing possession for example: Mrs Stringer's pen, the dog's collar.

Our statutory spelling words are:

develop, nuisance, mysterious and equipment




Previously, we explored plurals when to use -s, -es and -ies.

Your child has written their spelling words in their home learning journal to practise.



Autumn 1

Half-term, your child will have explored the spelling mistakes they have made in their English books.

In class, we are learning new strategies to support learning these.

Our statutory spelling words are:

forty and frequently



Previously, our spelling focus was homophones.

Your child should have chosen spelling from:

isle and aisle

allowed and aloud

affect and effect

herd and heard

past and passed


Every child should practise these two statutory words:

recognise and recommend



Previously, our spelling rule was -ible or -able?


Every child should practise these two statutory words:




Your child has been tested on Monday on their silent letters. Any they got wrong will be added to their spellings.


They will have chosen some tricky ible and able spelling words.


You can find their individual spellings in their red home learning journals to practise.