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The moving from one year group to another can often bring a new set of challenges to some children.  Anxiety will be common amongst children, particularly when moving into the upper school.  It may also be the case that behaviour in some children takes a different path to normal, whilst in others it is seen as part and parcel of everyday school life.  To assist and support all of our children, we have introduced a Passport to Year 5. 


This places emphasis on the skills the children need to begin to demonstrate now in order to show readiness for year 5.  Children are encouraged to become more independent at the same time as showing good organisational skills, kindness, engagement in learning as well as a positive attitude. 


To assist further, each year 4 class will pair with a year 5 class to share and celebrate their successes, get to know year 5 staff and even have targets set by a year 5 teacher to work on for the following week.


Transition is an important aspect of school for all children and a balance needs to be found to ensure all children are aware of the changes that are coming and prepared sufficiently for their next school year.  Any feedback on this process will be most welcome.