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Tuesday 21st

A super busy Archie who's been doing school work, Joe Wicks, taking lots of exercise and helping out in the garden....and lots more...

Louis has done lots of super work and has beaten his Mum at mathopoly. (Mum needs to win next time 😁). He's also busy growing plants for the allotment - they're looking good!

Lexie enjoyed her own festival day - loving the hair and the glitter!

Reuben's wanted poster for snakes (thank you!) and above his fantastic fact file about Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe

Creative Nadia with her Easter eggs and yummy biscuit making.

Megan has been mixing up 3 worlds: the inside, outside and virtual. She found a cool rope swing on a walk.

Jared working hard and getting in some cricket practice too!

The many ways Jake has been keeping busy; great ideas! Read his poem above too, it has a brilliant rhythm to it.

Evie has been really creative during Easter. Looks like lots of fun!

Neve has kept busy with an 'Alice in Wonderland' day and has written a poem.

Lydia has used the 'Tin Forest' from the writing grid. Her word choice and imagery are outstanding.

Georgina has been very creative.

Arla has produced a fabulous report about David Walliams. She has also been having fun with her family....and has even been driving 😮🚗!!

Nathan is continuing his schoolwork and I love the martial arts moves! You're the man! (Iguana class joke! 😉)

Polly has been very busy water colour painting, camping out in the garden, making her mummy and daddy dinner, going for bike rides and lots of walks and washed the cars. She has also started the BBC bitesize lessons and written a poem. Well done Polly!