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VE Day

Friday 8th May - VE Day

VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day.
On Friday 8th May it will be 75 years since World War II ended in Europe. (World War II didn't end completely until 15th August 1945 when Japan surrendered unconditionally.)
Tuesday 8th May 1945 was the day on which allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe. It marked the end of World War II in Europe and sparked celebrations around the world.

Although many public VE Day celebrations will now not go ahead, you can still remember, give thanks and celebrate with your family at home. We hope the attached resources may help you learn a little more about the events and the activities will be fun to do at home. Maybe you can plan your own indoor 'street party' for your family, with party food and music. You could decorate your house with bunting and pictures or bake something special - there are even examples of wartime recipes in the DT link! As always, we'd love to see examples of the fun you have!


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