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W/B 18.5.2020

Owen has been writing a persuasive rap for his home learning. He has also written a non - chronological report about a made up animal called a Sneagolat. It is a mixture of a snake, bird and cat!
Thomas has made up  his own story based upon the story of Zog. He has made it in to a power point. He has also had a blood test to take part in a study on antibodies for COVID and Meningitis. What a brave thing to do.
Kai had a lovely time at the beach and made words out of shells and pebbles. He has been working hard on a minecraft painting to go on the wall in his bedroom. It shows one of his favourite scenes from the game. Isn't it brilliant! 

Sophia and her art work

Sophia has been busy with her arts and craft in the last seven days. She has made a handcast with her brother and created a beautiful natural collage in the shape of the letter S which is now on her bedroom door. Amazing Sophia, well done!

Happy 9th Birthday Jessica! What is better than one birthday cake?........two birthday cakes!! Delicious!

Katlyn has been engrossed in making fictional trump card characters with special powers as well creating her very own tune using a disk mix. The tune is quite catchy and upbeat, well done Katlyn.  

Katlyn's Disk Mix

Ollie's cello playing

Ollie has been keeping up with his cello by having online music lessons. Last week he challenged himself to learn this new piece. Have a watch and listen - I think you'll agree it sounds fantastic! Well done Ollie on this great achievement!

Henry has sent in his amazing bubble photograph. Here he has encapsulated a strawberry flower within the bubble. Well done Henry - this is super impressive. Why don't you have a go at this?

Henry's Bubble Photography

Sam has been busy this weekend with the soluble vs not challenge which he carried out. Sam found out that some things are more soluble if you use hot water rather than cold water. He has also included a picture of his flourishing plants that he planted not so long ago. Thank you for sharing your work with us Sam and a super well done.  

Sam's Soluble vs Not Challenge