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W/B 20.4.2020

Nicolas has completed Miss Hendry's burpee challenge and managed an amazing 30 burpees in 1 minute! He's also training to run 5km - a challenge which a friend set him, Good Luck Nicolas!

Jessica has been drawing objects and her Dad has been drawing them in 3D on the playstation to bring them to life! She has also had an online training session with Lucie from Cirque du Soleil and received an RTF awar - well done Jessica!

Joey has been doing some great school work and doing the BBC Bitsize maths challenges as well as some PSHE. He's also persauded his Mum to try a change of hairstyle seeing as he's at home!

Kai has been working hard on his school work and enjoying the sunshine in his amazing pool!

Maisie has been working really hard with her school work, especially her handwriting and spelling and has been experimenting with some great handprint art!

Ivie and her sister found a friend in the garden!

Danny has been writing a letter to his Granny and he has written an explanation of how his Xbox works. He has also produced a PowerPoint to explain the difference between the three states of matter! Well done Danny!
Amy has worked hard to create a PowerPoint about Queen Elizabeth II. Excellent work Amy!
Alex was lucky enough to have a delivery of caterpillars a few weeks ago. They have now turned into butterflies and have been released into the wild. See below for Alex's photos and videos...what an amazing experience Alex!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Marcus enjoyed a lovely Easter egg hunt over the holidays. He has also been working hard making a seesaw. Bet that will be great fun to play on!
Peter has been sanding down his Grandma's tables and chairs for her garden. They look good as new now!
Jack has been very busy completing some different leg challenges. Here are his pirate ship and robot builds. Aren't they clever! He has also been busy with school work and even managed to score 100% on his batman book reading quiz. Great news Jack!
Katlyn has drawn a fantastic picture of Chinchillas class! Well done Katlyn - it must have taken a long time! Miss Begum and Mrs Jewell are missing Chinchillas lots!
Amelia has been working hard on her Maths, has completed a crossword and created a lava lamp in her Science work this week! Well done Amelia!

Henry has been doing lots of PE such as speedy skate boarding, terrific tennis and silly swimming in the paddling pool. He has also created a beautiful rainbow in his PSHE lesson. Well done Henry.



Henry's Rainbow

Joseph has been working hard to create an amazing hedgehog house with his Dad - it looks fantastic! He has also been working on some really detailed sketches and looks very proud of his work!

Chloe has been doing some super creative activites which you might like to try at home! She also had a wonderful time camping in her back garden over Easter.

Ed been working really hard on his times table rock stars. He has now become a rock hero. His time is 0.99

Absolutely amazing Ed! What an achievement. 

Amy's Garden

Amy has been busy doing  Mathletics and TT Rockstars this morning and wanted us to see her beautiful flower patch which she has planted herself last week. You have chosen a great spot for your plants Amy.
Amber in chipmunks has been enjoying finding out lots about butterflies. She has made a brilliant power point to help identify different species - full of pictures and interesting facts. Have a look at her power point below. She would like as many people as possible to do a butterfly survey ,so  print out her survey sheet below and head outside to see how many you can find over the next 2 weeks.
Owen has been doing some painting for the NHS - very colourful rainbows. He has also had lots of success with growing his plants. The tomatoes plants are growing well and he has also plated some garlic and lemon seeds.
Alicia has been doing a daily run with her dad and sister. She is impressed with her best time of 2 minutes 24 seconds to complete her lap. She  has also been enjoying the 10ft pool they have put up in their garden - perfect for  sunny days. She has been following Chester Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo as they have live cameras to watch the animals - great idea.
Chloe in Chipmunks is very  proud of her improvements  in times tables rock starssmiley She now has a high score of 53! Fantastic Chloe - keep it up!
Charlie is keeping active and has not missed one Joe Wicks session yet - wow! Has anyone else managed this?

Jessica has been enjoying being back at her 'school' in her Summer uniform and is continuing to practise her gymnastics skills. She likes the fact that she's allowed to do handstands at break time!!

Lilly has been participating in and enjoying lots of online dance classes. Her favourite dance is Dance Burst which is modern dancing to pop music. Lilly is also looking forward to joining Starcast online classes next week.   

Lilly's Dance Class

Still image for this video
Thomas has been doing some fun science focusing on evaporation and condensation. A great idea!

Alice has been practising her baking skills (yum!) and has become the family expert at yorkshire puddings - they look amazing Alice!

Amy has been super efficient and on top of doing TT rock stars and English, she has managed to create a beautiful butterfly from items around the house. A fabulous effort, well done Amy.  

Amy's Creative Butterfly

Owen has been making a yummy cake! He has also been having a go at some fun science, even making his own parachute which works brilliantly. 


Still image for this video
Peter has spent time carefully creating a Sutton Hoo helmet. Look at all the hard work he had to do in order to complete the mask! Doesn't it look amazing?
Ed has been enjoying walking and playing with his gorgeous dog. He is teaching it how to fetch balls! Ed has also been busy baking some delicious looking scones and working hard on his home learning and TT Rock Stars. 
Henry has been busy and having fun conducting a scientific experiment with an avalanche. He also carefully recorded his findings and impressively took safety precautions by wearing goggles. Well done Henry.  

Henry's Avalanche Experiment