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W/B 27.4.2020

Alice has been working very hard and enjoyed doing the Science investigation - great idea to use a start and finish line! She has also successfully taken 2 Accelerated Reader quizzes - great effort Alice!

Nicolas has been doing lots of exciting Science projects; making slime from shaving foam and a raindrop rainbow investigation. He is also learning to draw a seahorse with his brother and has been working hard at his maths, read and writing. Amazing effort Nicolas!

Jessica has had a busy week managing to fit in some training with an Olympic gymnast (Danusia Francis), coming 1st place in a ballet challenge, baking a lemon drizzle cake and doing more colouring for her Dad to animate whilst also fitting in her school work including TTRS, spellings and reading. Well done Jessica!

Evie has been busy researching on Ramadan as well doing all her school work. Your power point on Ramadan is very informative - well done Evie. If you want to find out about Ramadan then please take a look.

Evie's Research on Ramadan

Henry has been working very hard again this week - completing his tasks, going on TT Rockstars, achieving 100% on his reading quiz and earning a new video game. He even wrote this amazing acrostic poem about RAIN! Well done Henry!



Rapidly rippling down the clear glass window.

As it glides gracefully from the sky

I hope there will be a bright colourful rainbow.

Next time the hot sun comes by.

Look at McKenzie's adorable kittens! He is keeping the one with the white feet and has named him Boris! The others will be going to family friends when they're old enough. They're even helping with his school work!

Amelia has been working hard on her Maths this week! She has also been out cycling to ensure she stays active and has been learning a new skill....crochet! Hopefully she will be able to show us all how to do it when we return to school!
Alicia is super proud of her certificate. She is first place in Chipmunks class this week for most improved speed.  

Maisie is working really hard on her handwriting and spelling and making fabulous progress, well done Maisie!

Jack has carried out a super Science investigation into viscosity - look at the range of liquids he tested! Have you tried this yet?

Thank you Katlyn for sending us this picture, you look fabulous. We love your new haircut and also how you have edited your photo.    
Adam has made an amazing pin hole camera at home this week. He has managed to get an image to project on to the card inside the box. Why don't you have a go at making one too? Adam has written some really clear and useful instructions on how to do it here:

Alex was given a cub challenge to recreate a famous painting.

He chose the aptly named "Hope" by George Frederic Watts.

Alex used a space hopper, his Mum's sarong, a lollystick Lyre and a toilet paper blindfold and the end result is so effective! Well done Alex!

Martha has been enjoying lots of books at home. She has written a book review about one that she has been enjoying recently:


The Highland Falcon Thief   

The Highland Falcon Thief is an adventure book for children.  It is about a train journey on which Lenny Singh and Harrison Beck have to find the culprit behind some mysterious going ons. It is very exciting to read and you can imagine that you are on the train with Hal (Harrison) and his uncle Nat.  There are also a few suspicious characters on board.

I like the pictures in the book and the ones at the front of the people on board and the pictures of the train.

I would rate this book 10/10

By Martha Harvey

Kai has been having a go at the Liquids Olympics experiment for Science.  He watched each liquid race down the plate, timing it carefully. He recorded  his timings on a clear table of results and wrote a super conclusion. Are your results like Kai's?
 Ollie has been working hard this week. He has been practicing TT rockstars every day (which he loves) . As well as working through his SPaG, maths and reading every day he has managed to grow a lovely vegetable patch too. Great instructions written Ollie, well done!

Ollie's Garden & Instructions

Jeric has been busy on TT rockstars and has also been keeping fit with his sister as can be seen below! A great way to keep fit Jeric.

Jeric Exercising!

Still image for this video

Sophia has worked independently using her DT skills to create this fabulous fairy garden, complete with its own washing line! Really well done Sophia!

Kai has been working so hard on his home learning. Look at how much he has managed to do. yes We are very impressed with all your efforts Kai. It is presented beautifully too! He has also been going on some lovely walks in the blue bell forest. 


Still image for this video
Adam has been creating a clever geodesic design using Jelly tots and skewers. What a great challenge, and Adam said it tasty yummy too!

Maisie has received the results of her tap and modern exams - she got a fabulous 90/100 for modern and 94/100 for tap!! Fantastic achievement Maisie, we're very proud of you! She's also had fun creating some beautiful henna patterns on her hands and feet!

Maisie and her certificates
Maisie on the day of her exams
Beautiful hands and feet!
Amy has created this fantastic 3D map of Italy and has also carefully labelled it. Well done Amy, this looks super!

Amy's 3D Map of Italy