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W/B 4.5.2020

McKenzie shared with us a photo that was in the local paper - did you spot him in the paper last week? It looks like he's having lots of fun with his brothers!

George has been keeping busy with TTRS and his school work, particularly enjoying the science investigations! He's also been on lots of bike rides, planted some strawberry plants and camped in his garden for 5 nights in a row! He is looking forward to making scones for a family VE day picnic, yum!

This week Ollie has been keeping busy with school work, riding his bike and doing front flips on the trampoline. He has also managed to do the ice and string experiment in science as well as helping his sister make VE scones. Those scones do look scrumptious Ollie.
VE Day Scones
Ollie's ice and string experiment
Evie has been busy making a boat from a carton and has tested it to make sure it floats. She will also be having a picnic tomorrow for VE Day and is planning on making some VE day bunting. We hope you have a lovely picnc Evie.

Evie's Boat

Today Amy has reached over 1000 points on TT Rockstars, well done Amy. She has also been occupied painting a picture of a ladybird on a flower. Amazing art work and lovely colours - we are impressed. Amy has also created a fabulous power point on Winston Churchill for VE Day - take a look everyone!!   

Winston Churchill - VE Day

Amy's Ladybird Flower

Jeric is very active and tries to keep fit. He has been doing backflips on the trampoline with his siblings. This may come as no surprise but Jeric has not missed a single day of TT Rockstars - well done Jeric.  
Jeric Relaxing
Backflips on the trampoline
Having fun with his siblings
Lilly has been very busy this week. She has been on some lovely nature walks where she took pictures of some pretty flowers. She has also been drawing pictures for her cousins and baking as well as doing her school work. She also got her dance exam results back and achieved two distinctions! Well done Lilly - what an achievement!
Owen has been doing some science and has managed to pick up the ice cube with a piece of string! He has also been enjoying some home PE and having a go at the challenge fitness cards. It looks like he had lots of fun!
Thomas has made 2 animation films about plastic and looking after our planet. He has cleverly made the characters and backdrop and even added music. Watch them here, they are brilliant:


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Congratulations to Kai for completing his 5km running challenge set by his football team, fantastic achievement!

Lilly was very proud to receive her certificates from TT Rockstars! Well done Lilly!
Sam has been really busy! Over the weekend he took part in a virtual camp where he had to create a zipline for a teddy, make a campfire and take part in lots of camp activities. He also wrote a letter to a local care home and planted some plant pots. Sam has also been helping out at home with cleaning and learning to make the perfect cup of tea! Great work Sam!

Sam's zipline

Still image for this video

Sam's 5k run

Martha has been reading and enjoying lots of books. Her word count on accelerated reader for this year so far is:

2,409,791 words 

What a fantastic achievement. Well done Martha.

We are so  proud of you. 


Rosie has been creating some lovely glue artwork and has written a beautiful letter to her Great Grandma, for her English task, which she sent along with a picture and some chocolates - the recipient was delighted! Well done Rosie, a lovely, thoughtful thing to do.

Jack was pleased to come 3rd place in TT rockstars for his class.  He has also been working really hard on his maths, reading & English..

Jack enjoyed completing the liquid olympics challenge for science last week. He also made a lovely Victoria Sponge 🍰. Doesn't it look yummy!

Kai has been busy making some delicious pancakes. He has made his own cooking videos to show you how he made them. They look really amazing! Click on the steps below to watch his videos and make your own pancakes:

Thomas has made a super animation for a super hero comic. He also got up at 5 o clock in the morning  to listen to the dawn chorus. He watched the RSPB live stream at 5am and Chris Packham at 7am . What a lovely thing to do!

Here is Thomas' rabbit Charlie who went on top of his hutch and Thomas took a picture. He is very cute!