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W/c 15th June

Nathan LW has made the Colosseum out of Lego! Which Lego gladiator is going to win?

Another fine piece of artwork from Jacob. I love unicorns!🦄🦄🦄🦄

Leila has made an impressive aqueduct - watch the water go!

Leila's aqueduct

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Jake has made a fabulous volcano out of salt dough and whoosh - another fantastic eruption!

Jake's volcano

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Emilia has been busy with school work, getting out and about and my favourite: making rose ice cream! Here are some of her photos.

Emilia's erupting volcano

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Sophie has had a busy week battling in the tournament, finding the irritating bee - and what a wonderful piece of work all about Boudicca!

Thomas has used the SpaG task to create his own hidden place in his bedroom. Can you spot some of his favourite things?

Olivia has been busy with work, enjoying the fresh air and choosing a new trumpet ready for next year!

Here's Reuben who is enjoying the Roman topic as well as a socially distanced den-build and a very nice looking ice cream!

Reuben's aqueduct

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Phoebe S has done some fabulous work all about Boudicca and a super picture of the warrior queen too!

Hannah has been busy as ever! She has taught me that the goddess Demeter/Ceres had a sister named Rhea (just like Hannah's sister). Great work Hannah!

Harry is still working on becoming the new Jamie Oliver with his cook book writing. Here's one of his yummy bakes!

Lydia has been busy with school work and has made panis quadratus - Roman bread - and it tastes good!

During her guided reading, Cassie worked out if she could fit down the narrowest street! You'll be doing the shopping then Cassie!

What a fabulous idea! Harry B has made a Roman mosaic out of Lego!

Ayda has been out and about enjoying the fresh air and spotting mosaic tiles on her travels!

Whoosh! Caitlin's volcano erupts...and what a fabulous idea, making the Colosseum from toilet rolls! You couldn't have done that a few weeks ago!

Ava and her family enjoyed a special "Day in France." They had a fabulous day with lots of activities including watching a french film making a yummy strawberry cake, dressing up and eating lots!

Fantastique, Ava et Charlie!  I'm really thrilled to see the photos of your day.  Here's a certificate from me (Madame Bolton).  Check out the year 5 Hall of Fame for yours, Charlie.

Elsie has been busy with her school work, including SpaG, writing and fractions work. She's also been keeping an eye on her planting from last half term. How tall will those sunflowers get?

Arla has produced a fantastic shield and volcano picture. Her erupting volcano has attracted a crowd and her skateboarding skills are fab!

Arla;s erupting volcano

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Arla goes skateboarding

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Nathan has been busy with school work and here he is as a fearsome Roman soldier! The Celts have got no chance...

Here's Nathan with his fab Roman numerals!

Molly H and Daisy H have both been working hard and set themselves an Australian theme last week!

Nadia is enjoying the Roman topic - here's some of her fabulous work! Well done for passing your reading quiz too!

Busy as ever, Evie has been enjoying a variety of learning including maths, science and she's in the middle of writing a fabulous Roman myth story all about Medusa. There's even time for some baking and fun outside!