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W/c 22nd June

A good day for art - here is Jacob W's amazing mythical monster and some super guided reading!

Another beautiful painting by local artist Cassie! WOW! Cassie has sent in a photo her great grandfather took of Vesuvius as it was erupting in 1944. Look at all the smoke!

Thomas has been busy with school work this week and has completed some amazing SpaG work - plus he's lost a tooth!

As well as enjoying the hot weather, Hannah has written a super biography about Boudicca and has drawn a brilliant chariot racing poster!

Here's Jude with a fantastic mosaic - I like the J idea!

Take a look at Ryan's amazing Roman shield. Great job Ryan!

Participating in all our TT Rock Star tournaments has given Evie lots of valuable practice - she's managed to complete her gold grid in just 7 minutes!😁

Louis has worked hard on to research Hadrian's Wall and write a letter from a Roman soldier.

Emilia has used Minecraft to design an aqueduct and mosaic. She's been enjoying the outside and has even won a prize in a colouring competition!

Elsie has designed a lovely Roman shield. I think this might encourage the army to come in peace!

Nathan L has written part of a gladiator story - I bet Spartacus wins!

Here's Olivia looking super cool - she's been skateboarding on the slopes!🛹

Here she is in action....

Still image for this video

Look what Jakey found on his trip to the New Forest! Very cool!

Nathan (looking like a pro with the rolling pin 👨‍🍳) has made a special bread called pandesal.

Toby has been enjoying TT rock stars and Spelling Shed, riding his bike, body boarding and he has a new rescue puppy called Poppy!

Andrea is super busy and has sent in so many photos - here are some highlights...

Amongst other things, Nadia has been busy with writing her fabulous Boudicca biography, designing a fabulous t-shirt and she is really enjoying Spelling Shed! Bonus points for you then Nadia!

Another fabulous feat of engineering by Lydia - great resourcefulness using the marble run!

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All Ayda's hard work has certainly worn out one family member. Can you guess who?

Louis' super art work has an Australian theme!

Ryan L has been learning all about dinosaurs and the solar system. Here is his brilliant art work.

Evie has written a fabulous story about Medusa - which guided reading book is it similar to? She has also been enjoying her maths, reading, Spag and the sunshine!

As any good engineer would do, Jake F plans the construction of his aqueduct...and then whoosh!

Here it is in action...

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The very talented Jake F on the piano....take it away Jake!

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