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W/c 29th June

Here's our fabulous Rock Legend Sophie, who despite an amazing effort during our tournament, still had time for additional work such as reading, SpaG and topic! Great job Sophie!

Cassie has been making mini burgers and flags to go with them! Yum!πŸ” She's also made a fabulous PowerPoint (with very fancy computing skills) all about Roman childhood.

Cassie's PowerPoint

Jaocb has now added a god to his amazing artwork with some super description - plus he's drawn a wonderful panda (as per a challenge set by Mrs Carter).

Ava has done a fantastic piece of writing about Juno - that's the name of her dog too! How cool!πŸ•

Fantastic artwork by Jacob W who has created a monster and hero for his Roman myth - super description too! That hero is looking very much like you Jacob!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Lydia has been busy with Roman numeral multiplication and what a fabulous Vesuvius picture!

Nadia has been busy with school work; she has designed a wonderful Roman coin, drawn a lovely picture of Boudicca and written about Jupiter. And there's still time to enjoy some fresh air...

Nathan has had a fabulous idea of trying out 3D art: he's made a hedgehog based on the one in his garden and is working on making a globe.

Lydia has created a beautiful mosaic with beads similar to the shells and pebbles that Romans may have used. She has also written a fabulous set of instructions.

Lydia's instructions

Jakey has designed and made his own fabulous Roman shield, and look at the tiny frog from Jakey's garden pond!

Evie has been creative: she has made aqua bead pictures and has made her own rose and peach scented perfumeπŸŒΉπŸ‘. She has also written a super diary entry for a gladiator and is practising her times tables ready to beat the boys this week!

Jacob demonstrates his amazing engineering skills with his fantastic aqueduct!

Here it goes!

Still image for this video