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W/c 6th July

Lydia has passed her gold times table challenge! Amazing!😁

Here's Jakey's fabulous PowerPoint all about gladiators. Which is your favourite?

Cassie has written a super gladiator diary, and has made a fabulous aqueduct mosaic from beads, shells and sea glass. Good to see you've been playing chess too!

Here's a fabulous performance from Evie, which she used for her online drama group!

Still image for this video

Ryan located an aqueduct in the Forest of Dean and has made a fabulous one of his own. See it in action below...

Ryan's aqueduct

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Thomas has enjoyed finding out about Boudicca. Do you think she was right to fight the Romans?

Sophie has painted a fabulous volcano!πŸŒ‹

Here's Jakey's brilliant presentation all about creatures found in the New ForestπŸ›πŸ¦ŸπŸœπŸπŸ•·πŸ¦‹

Hannah has been busy with all her school work and has made some pretty, colourful mosaics.

Ayda is in Mallorca but still has time for home learning!

Here's some brilliant French work from Jake - I'm feeling hungry thinking of croissants and pain au chocolat! He has a video too!

Jake Flinn

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Thomas has been keen to do his school work and has made Roman bread that is definitely fit for an Emperor!

Evie has been super busy with lots of fabulous work. In Science, she has been using balloons to learn about friction.