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W/c 8th June

Lydia has had a busy week and has written a super story opener about Neptune and Vulcan. I hope the people will be saved at the end!

Thank you for your super artwork Isabel. Amazing!

Evie has been busy with her school work and has made a fabulous volcano!

Jake has planned and written a fabulous story with a twist at the end! Ooohhhh....

Sophie worked hard to be top girl again in our TT rock star battle - she's still got some energy left to do a fab piece of writing about Roman soldiers!😀

Here's Jacob with his amazing peacock drawing. What a great artist! 🦚🦚

Hannah has been investigating Roman numerals and Julius Caesar. Now to practise the piano! Great job Hannah!

Here's Reuben with his beautifully presented report all about gladiators! Gladiators had to sometimes fight wild animals like crocodiles - gulp!🐊

Here's Arla with her colourful report all about Roman childhood. I wonder what their teachers were like? I bet they were strict.

Here's Nathan ready to do battle with his super silver shield! Great job Nathan!

A huge congratulations to Jake who is a reading millionaire. What an achievement! Great job Jake!🏆

Cassie has designed her fabulous aqueduct out of Lego. The Romans would have found Lego very handy!


Still image for this video

Thank you Jacob for researching Vesuvius for me! Cool facts!

Here is Leila's super erupting volcano!

Oskar has made a fabulous model of the Colosseum, a shield, a Roman coin and a beautiful volcano painting! He's now busy on TT Rockstars competing against Year 4!

Cassie's Just Like a Roman performance. Loving the actions and the props!

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Arla has been enjoying our Roman topic. Here's her fantastic aqueduct and Roman helmet mosaic!

Here's Nadia, who has been busy with her work including making a super Roman shield. She also enjoyed the amazing views from West Lulworth despite the amount of walking!

Evie has been super busy with her amazing home learning! She's been conducting science experiments, reading, doing art and there's even time to take a quick dip - Evie tells me it was cold!!

Fantastic! Our first aqueduct made by Louis. The Romans built 11 in 500 years so now we have 12! Who is making number 13?