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Wednesday 22nd

Here's Emily (and Ruby) with their delicious cakes. Emily is enjoying Charlotte's web and has created some more super artwork - I especially like the llama.

Ava has been busy in the garden, has made her own microphone for singing and they even set up a pop up movie tent. She also has a new puppy called Juno!

Hannah (and Rhea) with Easter bunnies. She doesn't have any chocolate left!

Jude converted his trampoline into a super cool constellations viewing platform. Looks amazing and he got to drink hot chocolate too!

Amazing language choices from Reuben to create a great image of his 'Tin Forest'.

Louis has written a super peony fact file together with a great drawing! He's also having fun in the sun - loving the bubbles!😎

Arla is enjoying the literacy tasks - love the prepositions and conjunctions! 🌼🌼

Andrea has been very busy learning to play the guitar, becoming a rummikub master, going for family walks and reading together as a family. What lovely photographs!

Here is Caitlin's fantastic fractions work!

Caleb has been busy keeping fit. He is also enjoying listening to Charlotte's Web, planting and trying out some tasks from the homework grid. Can you spot the cat in the last photo?

Here's Olivia keeping fit, doing some very fancy Excel charts and having fun in the sun! Now to beat Mr Clay at the Rubik's cube!