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Wednesday 29th

Riley has been busy with school work, family walks, stargazing, picnics, arts and crafts and writing cards for his friends.

Henry is still working hard. He has made a "superbe" folder for his French work!

Well done, Henry on your wonderful French folder - c'est magnifique!  I look forward to seeing what's inside it...  Madame Bolton

Another Iguana who is learning to skate and skateboard is Olivia. She's managed to complete a tricky tennis word search too!

Here's Arla! First she's driving and now she's skateboarding!

Cassie is busy with school work, cooking and gardening and lots more! Take a look at her healthy recipe PowerPoint - yum!

Cassie's PowerPoint

Evie is busy with school work, baking and keeping active! She's even slept in a tent!

William has been busy with lots of activities in and out of school! He's been making sure Mrs Yeates is behaving too!😂 Dibs the cat is taking a more relaxed approach!

Ewan has been busy with school work, exploring outside.....and then time to chill!😎

In addition to school work, Louis has made 3D islands - but be careful there are sharks!🦈

Another amazing piece of art from Jacob!