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ECO Council

Our Eco Warrior team is made up of two children from every class in Cupernham Junior school. We wear our badges with pride to show who we are. Our badges are made from 100% recycled metal. Every member of our team is passionate about looking after the world we live in.

We are working hard to achieve our Eco - School Award. We meet every 2 weeks to focus on our school and community. Already we have completed a whole school environmental review to help us understand what environmental work our school is doing well. This has helped us to come up with a clear action plan of what we want to focus on next.

School Grounds

 As a school we have developed some areas of our school grounds to make them more 'wildlife' friendly. In the last year we have planted a meadow, re-establised our pond area, made bug boxes and bird boxes and made pathways through our woodlands. Now we are working on developing an amazing allotment area which will have vegetable and flower beds, potato growers, a runer bean arch and a green cone compost bin.

Recycling and Rubbish 

One of the issues we have been trying to improve in our school is rubbish and recycling. The Eco warrior team have labelled all the classroom bins so that we all know what rubbish can be recycled and which bin this rubbish should be put in to. We have also been collecting crisp packets to be recycled through the Terracycle scheme. Every empty packet we collect helps prevent litter around school and raises money for us. We send off three large boxes of packets every month. Our year 6 Eco Warriors are in charge of this.

To help us reduce plastic rubbish, our Eco Warrior team has introduced re-fill whiteboard pens and glues to the whole school. This has reduced our plastic waste dramatically and is saving our school lots of money. 

Walk to school

To encourage as many people in school to walk rather than use cars, we have begun to use our walk to school logs. Each day we record how we got to school and hope to reduce pollution and make the roads around our school safer at drop off and pick up times. Our Junior Road Safety Officers are helping to organise this.


What's next?

Next we want to see if we can compost some of the food waste from our snacks and lunches. We have bought a green cone to help us to do this. The green cone will be placed in our new allotment area when it is finished.