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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Name Team Role
Mr J Clay   Head Teacher
Miss J Hendry Year 4 Leader Deputy Head Teacher/Chipmunks Teacher
Mrs L Francis Inclusion SENCO
Mrs K Havelock Year 6 Leader Panthers Teacher
Mrs K Reilly Year 6 Jaguars Teacher
Mrs A Reid Year 6 Leopards Teacher
Mrs S Newey Year 5 Leader Tamarins Teacher
Mrs E Ferguson Year 5 Orangutans Teacher
Miss C Allen Year 5 Capuchins Teacher
Mrs R Ruddick-Smith Year 5 Capuchins Teacher ( Maternity Cover for Mrs Evans)
Mrs C Allen Year 4 Chipmunks Teacher
Mrs J Begum Year 4 Chinchillas Teacher
Mrs R Jewell Year 4 Chinchillas Teacher
Mrs E Gibbs Year 4 Squirrels Teacher
Mrs S Hall Year 3 Leader Geckos Teacher
Mrs L Carter Year 3 Iguanas Teacher
Mrs K Stringer Year 3 Chameleons Teacher
Madame Bolton   French Teacher
Mrs S Strachan Inclusion LSA/PPA/SENCO
Mrs P Robertson Inclusion LSA/ELSA/Nurture Lead
Mrs E Pearce Inclusion Family Support Co-ordinater
Mrs N Randall   LSA
Mrs N Parker   LSA
Mrs A Williams   LSA
Mrs E Williams   LSA
Mrs R Moore   LSA
Mrs C Baker   LSA
Mrs A Yeates   LSA
Mrs J Hill  


Mrs C Simpson   LSA
Mrs R Schofield   LSA/Librarian
Mrs R Payne   LSA
Mrs C Browne Admin Senior Admin Officer
Mrs S Merritt Admin Admin Officer
Mrs M McCartney Admin Admin Assistant
Mr J Stokes   Site Manager
Mrs M Leach   Lunchtime Assistant/ After School Club Assistant
Mrs S Roberts   After School Club Supervisor
Mr M Stickley   After School Club Assistant