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P.E. Statement of Intent


At Cupernham Junior School, our intent is to inspire children to have passion for sport, fitness and healthy living during their childhood and throughout their lives. We recognise the sporting strengths of each individual and work hard to develop these appropriately. Each member of staff aims to deliver high quality P.E. lessons, through an enriching curriculum of skills and sports.


Progressing from their Key Stage 1 physical education, the children will build a broader range of skills that they will learn to apply when competing in a variety of sporting activities. Through Key Stage 2, they will learn to communicate, collaborate and evaluate their performance. In addition to developing their flexibility, strength, technique, control, balance and accuracy.


P.E. Curriculum

· The P.E. coordinator is committed to ensuring all pupils receive high quality P.E. lessons delivered by confident and well-trained teachers.

· The skills taught are wide and varied, enabling children to apply this accurately and confidently to a variety of sports.

· Children will have opportunities and be encouraged to lead sporting activities, including the warm up and cool down in lessons (guided by their teacher).

· Playtimes are equipped to allow children to be physically active.

· Our school is part of the Romsey Pyramid. This offers children the opportunity to compete against other schools and take part in inclusive game opportunities.

· Achievements in sport are recognised in weekly celebration assemblies. This includes sporting success achieved out of school.