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The administration of medicines is the overall responsibility of the parents/carers. Where clinically possible we will encourage parents to ask for medicines to be prescribed in dose frequencies which enable them to be taken outside of school hours. However, the Headteacher is responsible for ensuring children are supported with their medical needs whilst on site, therefore this may include managing medicines where it would be detrimental to a child’s health or school attendance not to do so.


We will not give prescription or non-prescription medicines to a child under 16 without their parent’s/carers written consent (a parental agreement for setting to administer medicines’ form will be used to record this), except in exceptional circumstances where the medicine has been prescribed to the child without the knowledge of the parents. In such cases, we will make every effort to encourage the child or young person to involve their parents while respecting their right to confidentiality.


A documented tracking system to record all medicines received in and out of the premises will be put in place. The tracking system used is The Children’s Services Medication Tracking Form. The name of the child, dose, expiry and shelf life dates will be checked before medicines are administered.


On occasions where a child refuses to take their medication the parents will be informed at the earliest available opportunity.


If your child requires medication within the school day please download the following from, complete and hand into the school office with the medication.  Alternatively there are copies of the form in reception.