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Aim of Music

At Cupernham Junior School we recognise the essential part that music and its skills, play in each child’s learning journey. Music is a tool for creativity as well as a key way to promote self-belief and a sense of personal achievement. We want all our students to develop a love for music and gain confidence through exploring and improving their musical talents. We believe that music should be a part of our everyday practice, whether through assemblies, extra-curricular activities or music lessons. At Cupernham Junior School we seek to expose students to range of musical opportunities and see them develop a critical engagement with music, enriching their learning and setting them on a path towards musical excellence.  



The music curriculum explores 7 key elements or dimensions through 6 essential skills. These elements are as follows: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure. All musical elements will be covered within a varied programme which incorporates the key skills of singing, playing, rehearsing and performing, notating, listening and responding and describing and discussing.

In year 4, all students are exposed to a range of instruments and practical experiences through the Hampshire Music Service Listen to Me programme. The professional tutors and resources of this programme help us set our students on a path for life-long learning in music. This may lead some students to take advantage of the Hampshire Music Service music tuition we offer from year 4 onwards in a range of instruments from percussion to strings, brass, woodwind and keyboard.  Singing is also lead by our Hampshire Music Service Listen to Me programme. Weekly class music lessons ensure that by the end of key stage two all pupils will sing and play tuned percussive instruments with increasing confidence and control. Students will also develop an understanding of musical improvisation, composition, and notation.