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To support your child with reading while school is closed, we have made Accelerated Reader accessible from home. It is compatible with most devices including laptops, iPads, Kindles and phones. Children should read age appropriate books (both fiction and non-fiction) to not only support their academic learning but to also develop a passion for reading. Once they have read a book, they can log onto Accelerated Reader and take a comprehension quiz. This will help them (and you) to monitor how well they are understanding what they are reading. Teachers will be logging on as well to monitor the reading progress of those who are able to quiz at home.


The children will need to log on using this link

Their username is the same as they would use in school. Each year group has the same password so if they cannot remember their password, ask one of their classmates. Alternatively, it is the same as your parent password, which you were given earlier in the year on an Accelerated Reader letter.



If your child struggles with choosing a book, you can use the Accelerated Reader Book Finder site to help them. You can also use it to check if the books you have at home, have a comprehension quiz (most will!).