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Visions and Values


School Vision Statement

Our school Motto is ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’




The journey towards excellence begins with the desire and the work ethic to aim high, the creativity to explore new horizons and the courage to dream.




Security, Self-worth, and a commitment to work together help us do our best and be happy. Resourcefulness, reflectiveness, reciprocity and resilience are the engines which drive us forward towards high achievement. 

We celebrate effort and develop responsibility. We strengthen self-belief and an enjoyment of learning.

As a community we accept and include all to create a sense of belonging.

In all that we do, we seek to nurture talent in all its forms, success and aspiration.




Achievement is the goal of all that we do, we celebrate the small steps that children make in their development as a whole. We respect, value and celebrate each other for who we are as well as for what we achieve.;


Emotional well-being and social achievement,

Moral and spiritual achievement,

Academic achievement,

Physical achievement

Creative achievement,


Achieving independently

Achieving collaboratively

Achieving as a community


Our vision and motto is at the heart of all we do in school.


School aims:


  • To develop children’s self-worth and confidence
  • To provide a stimulating, caring environment where children feel happy and safe
  • To value, meet and cater for all individual needs
  • To ensure that our curriculum is relevant, exciting, challenging and accessible for all
  • To ensure the acquisition of concepts, knowledge and skills within all curriculum subjects so that children are ready for their next stage of education
  • To develop children’s spiritual, social and moral understanding
  • To develop sensitive, empathetic and accepting attitudes towards others
  • To ensure children develop into active and responsible citizens
  • To develop the knowledge and skills to be able to stay safe and avoid unnecessary risk
  • To develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to be an effective and confident learner
  • To enable children to identify and nurture their talents and how these could be used as part of their aspirations
  • To provide extra-curricular activities that foster children’s talents and widen their interests
  • To develop creativity and enquiry 
  • To ensure children develop effective learning attributes
  • To encourage children to value and look after the environment