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Visions and Values

School Vision Statement


During 2012-13, our school carried out a consultation process of all with all key stakeholders to agree the core values to be aspired to for all within the school community.  


Following this consultation, our new motto was agreed as ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ which represents a vision of the life-long learning journey:



The journey towards excellence begins with the desire to aim high, the creativity to explore new horizons and the courage to dream.



Security, Self worth and a commitment to work together are the engines which drive us forward towards high achievement. 

We celebrate self-belief as well as belief in one another.

We value each other for who we are as well as for what we achieve.

In all that we do, we seek to nurture talent, success and aspiration.



Achievement is the goal of all that we do;


Academic achievement,

Sporting achievement

Creative achievement


Achieving independently

Achieving collaboratively

Achieving as a community


Our new vision and motto is now at the heart of all we do in school and is a central focus in all our school improvement work and development of policies and procedures. It is also used in assemblies, and in the classroom to set clear expectations for our children.


December 2013