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How do we teach PSHE?

At Cupernham Junior School, our PSHE lessons are taught weekly following the ‘Jigsaw: The mindful approach to PSHE’ scheme.
Every lesson begins with an opportunity for the class to connect during a ‘Connect Us’ circle time activity. We then calm our minds using ‘Chime Time’ to focus on our bodies, breathing and mindful visualisations.
During the main part of each lesson, the children start by discussing a key concept and then deepen their understanding through completing a wide variety of activities across each half term. Throughout each unit, the children explore different scenarios in a variety of contexts, including home life, school life and online interactions. Each unit then ends with an assessment opportunity where the children are given the chance to show their full understanding of the skills learnt.


All children are expected to follow the Jigsaw Charter during these lessons which states…


We take turns to speak.
We use kind and positive words.
We listen to each other.
We have the right to pass.
We only use names when we are speaking positively or giving compliments.
We respect each other’s privacy.