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All schools in the Romsey area are working together to achieve the same attendance outcomes.




Research shows that absence from school, for whatever reason, can disadvantage a child by creating gaps in learning, which affect a child’s ability to succeed. As such, we monitor all absence thoroughly and all attendance data is shared with the Local Authority. We will contact you if we have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance. If your child’s attendance level is falling towards 90%, then we will contact you to raise our concern.  Please support us by giving your child the best opportunities through good attendance at school.


95% attendance means a child has missed  9 school days a year, if this continues across all 4 years they will have missed 36 school days. This is the equivalent of a whole half term.


If your child's attendance is only 90% they are missing half a day a week (1 session), this equates to 40 sessions an academic year, if this continues across all 4 years they will have missed 80 days. This will have a significantly negative impact on their learning, progress and being ready for Secondary school. This is the equivalent of over a term's worth of learning.



For a child to reach their full educational achievement a high level of school attendance is essential. For our children to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered at Cupernham Junior School,  it is vital your child is at school, on time, every day the school is open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.


Make sure that any absence is clearly accounted for by phone or email on the first and subsequent days of absence

You can report an absence by calling the school office and speak to a member of office staff (voicemail available out of hours) on 01794 512702. You can also email absence notifications to  You must state the reason for the absence and your child's name and class. 


Registration Process



The classroom doors open and the school day begins.


Classroom doors close and the school day starts.  The register is taken.  Any children arriving after this time will need to go through the school office and will receive a Late mark (before registers closed) on their attendance record.


Any children arriving after this time will receive a Late mark (after registers closed) on their attendance record.  This is an unauthorised absence.


If a child is not in school and there has not been any contact from parents to explain the absence, the office will send a text message asking for parents to telephone the school.


A second telephone is made if still no contact.  If after the second phone call, staff have been unable to speak to parents to verify the children's welfare, the Headteacher, Inclusion Leader or Family Support Coordinator will be notified and it may be deemed necessary to visit the family home to satisfy themselves that the child is safe.



Every child has a right to access the education he/she is entitled. Parents and teachers share the responsibility for supporting and promoting excellent school attendance and punctuality for all. Every opportunity will be used to convey to children and their parents or carers the importance of regular and punctual attendance.  As a parent/carer you have a legal duty to make sure your child receives a full-time education and comes to school regularly. If you are finding it difficult to get your child to school you must speak to the class teacher and/or Mrs Francis Inclusion Leader. We will be able to help you.


Medical Appointments

Where possible, medical and dental appointments should be arranged for the end of the day, not the start of the day.  Arriving late, even after a medical appointment, is unsettling not just for your child, but also the rest of the class.


Family holidays/school holidays (and Penalty Notices)

Children have 13 weeks annual holiday from school and school holiday dates are published well in advance online. As such, all parents/carers are expected wherever possible to plan and take their family holidays at this time so as not to disrupt their children’s education. Education law states that parents do not have a right to take their child out of school for a holiday during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances may a headteacher grant permission for leave; and it is the headteachers decision on whether the absence is exceptional and how many days to approve.

Parents/carers who take their child out of school without the absence being agreed and authorised by written permission from the school can be issued with a penalty fine. 


What can I do to encourage my child to attend School?

• Make sure your child gets enough sleep and gets up in plenty of time each morning. Establish a morning routine that works for your family

• Ensure that he/she leaves home in the correct clothes and properly equipped. Show your child, by your interest, that you value his / her education.

• Be interested in what your child is doing in school, chat to them about the things they have learnt, what friends they have made and even what they had for lunch.

Talking positively about the day ahead will ensure your child feels confident and in the right mindset to start their day.



Useful Information

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