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BLP - Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power

We aim to help children build up the mental, emotional, and social resources to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity. We want them to discover the things that they’d really love to be great at, and to strengthen the will and the skill to pursue them.

We believe that all young people are capable of developing this confidence, capability, and passion. We think that ‘ability’ is not fixed and is not just academic achievement. We think that real-world intelligence and the ability to be a successful learner is something that all children can be helped to build up.

Developing the learning attributes, attitudes and skills for now and the future. We use Building Learning Power to:

  • Help young people to help themselves become better learners, growing a child’s learning character and habits
  • Develop children’s appetite and ability to learn in different ways, increasing and embedding their learning habits
  • Prepare young people for a lifetime of learning in whatever they decide to do
  • Ensure that the responsibility for learning is seen as the role of the children

Research suggests that children that can talk effectively about learning and have a strong understanding of their learning will achieve well. Building Learning Power gives a s a school a common language to be able to talk about being a learner and what that entails. It will help children describe and understand themselves as learners in a wide range of contexts.


These areas are reinforced through individual lessons, individual targets, celebration assemblies and rewards, our school ‘Code of Conduct’.


Each of the four key capacities are made up of ‘learning muscles’, helping the children to be ‘learning fit’.


The Learning Mind

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