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Impact and Evaluation


High standards

Children attain highly in all subjects, enabling them to be ready for the next year group and transition to secondary school. All children will be literate and numerate.


Awareness of self

Children will be able to articulate their own personal, academic and artistic strengths, as well as the areas that they will need to continue to work hard at.


Essential learning aptitudes

Children will have developed resilience, resourcefulness, the ability to reflect and the skills to work both individually and collaboratively.


Awareness and understanding of others

Children will have developed an understanding and acceptance of others, including those of different cultures, as well as an understanding of social justice and human rights.


Self-confidence and aspirations

Children will have strong self-confidence, a can-do attitude and aspirations for their futures. They are able to identify how their personal strengths will be valued in the work place.




We use observations, discussions and feedback from a range of sources including pupil and parent voice.


Through a mixture of day-to-day and week-by-week feedback and assessment.


Using key benchmarks and formal assessments that capture achievement and progress at key points throughout the year.